How to Choose Power of Attorney

Providing care for one or both elderly parents isn’t just about their physical needs. The more involved you are, the broader the responsibilities. It’s important to be prepared by taking the right legal steps to allow you to make necessary decisions. Don’t put off speaking with your parents about their preferences on their future care, including their wishes concerning life support efforts and end-of-life care.

One of the more important subjects to discuss is choosing a power of attorney well before your parent(s) becomes disabled or incapacitated. When facing such an important decision, you’ll need an elder law attorney with the skills to understand every aspect of your legal situation. Hammond and Associates has the experience to guide you through the entire power of attorney process in the state of Maryland. Give us a call at ​301-861-4555 or fill out a contact form today to learn more about our power of attorney services.

Types of Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a legal agreement between the principle (your parent) and whoever is designated to act as your parent’s agent. While Maryland law allows for multiple types of powers of attorney, the decision is ultimately up to your parent(s).

Durable Power of Attorney

This type grants you or another agent the right to manage all aspects of your parent’s legal responsibilities, finances and health care, as specified. It goes into effect when signed and stays in effect until cancelled or your parent passes away.

Limited Power of Attorney

This grants you limited authority to act for your parents in specific circumstances. For example, it may enable you to sell your mother’s home if she moves into a retirement community. It expires when the request is completed or the designated timeframe ends.

Healthcare Power of Attorney

You are granted the legal right to make all medical decisions for your parent if or when he or she cannot do so. A copy of this document should be given to your parent’s primary care physician and, if warranted, included in their hospital or medical facility records.

Springing Power of Attorney

This document becomes active during an emergency in which your parent is unable to make decisions or is incapacitated. If or when the crisis ends and your parent can again manage his or her affairs, the power of attorney is no longer in effect.

Power of Attorney in Maryland

If you would like legal assistance with a power of attorney matter, please contact Hammond and Associates online or call us at ​301-861-4555 to learn more about planning for your future. We help our clients think about and prepare for the future, so you can focus on your needs and those of your loved ones. We’ll help ensure that you make the decisions about what happens if one of those “what if circumstances” occurs. You can implement strategies that will protect you, your interests, and the people you love and care about. Contact us today to learn more!

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