What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

Seniors face complex legal issues that are particular to their specific age and circumstances. Elder law attorneys provide important legal services that help families through difficult times and with making difficult decisions. Hammond and Associates is a premier law firm that focuses on elder law—keep reading to learn more about what we do.

What Is an Elder Law Attorney?

An elder law attorney is an attorney who focuses on cases and legal issues that are more prevalent in the elder community. They advocate for their elderly clients and their loved ones.

What Types of Cases Do Elder Law Attorneys Handle?

Elder law attorneys may handle a wide variety of cases, including many of the following:

Estate Planning

Elder law attorneys may discuss the importance of estate planning. They may help preserve assets and make certain asset transfers so that a spouse is not impoverished if he or she enters a nursing home. A cornerstone of an estate plan is a will in which the client details how he or she wants assets treated after his or her passing. However, there are other important components to an effective estate plan that also take into account the current management of a person’s estate during his or her lifetime. A durable power of attorney can give someone the right to make financial decisions and complete financial transactions on behalf of another person. Elder law attorneys may help create trusts to help manage assets before and after the grantor’s life.

Social Security

Elder law attorneys are often more equipped to handle sensitive topics related to elders, including disability issues, claims, and denials. Elder law attorneys may also challenge cases involving allegations of overpayments by filing for reconsideration or waivers on behalf of their clients.


An elder law attorney can help select and have a legal guardian appointed. He or she can also defend petitions for guardianship that are filed by individuals who may try to take advantage of the elderly client.

Health Care and Planning

An elder law attorney may take care of daily issues that affect the lives of elderly individuals, including options related to healthcare. Elder law attorneys can discuss Medicare, Medicaid, and other healthcare planning options. They can also discuss patient rights and put into place important documents, such as a health care power of attorney.

Housing Issues

An elder law attorney can also discuss assisted living, nursing home placement, subsidized housing, and other housing options. They may assist in locating long-term care facilities and look at ways to help manage the living cost in such locations. They can also help victims of nursing home abuse by filing complaints against those entities responsible for it.

Why Should I Hire an Elder Law Attorney?

An elder law attorney spends his or her time on those specific legal issues that affect elderly individuals. As such, he or she is often more knowledgeable about certain topics than other attorneys who do not focus on one particular area of the law. An elder law attorney can help in a number of important ways, including providing important documents or representing clients in court. He or she utilizes a variety of legal tools to specifically meet older clients’ objectives.

Elder Law Firm in Maryland

Hammond and Associates elder law attorneys are invested in protecting elders in your community. We can help protect your family or help you navigate your way through a complex legal problem or crisis. Advanced planning can prove pivotal in these situations. Whether you or a loved one needs legal assistance for estate planning, Social Security, medical planning or for any other elder law matter, we are here to help—fill out a contact form or call ​301-861-4555 to learn more.

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