Plan for Elder Care in Maryland

One of the most important topics to discuss with aging parents is their eventual need for elder care. Making these plans in advance, with the assistance of an expert Maryland attorney, helps your family member make vital care decisions before they become emergencies. It’s important to take a pro-active approach by helping your parent map out a clear, effective plan for their future care.

This process will help all family members avoid unnecessary stress and potential financial concerns down the road. For information on how to begin planning, reach out to the elder law experts at Hammond and Associates for guidance throughout the entire process by filling out a contact form today.

Working With an Elder Law Attorney

An elder law attorney understands the unique challenges and emotional difficulties that seniors and their family members face when planning for illness, incapacity, and death. With experienced, compassionate legal counsel, you can create a plan for your parent’s residential, healthcare, and financial needs—one that allows him or her to enjoy a less stressful future. Carefully prepared legal documents will outline the type of care your parent wants, where that care occurs, and who will provide it. Family and medical caregivers will know each decision and who will speak for your parents if they become unable to do so.

Your elder care attorney assist in setting up the following care options:

  • Outlining which medical tests, procedures and medicines will be acceptable
  • Determining your parent’s wishes on life-sustaining treatments and procedures
  • Deciding who will make care decisions if or when a parent cannot
  • Setting up funding sources for potential long-term care expenses
  • Preparing a living will so medical professionals understand your parent’s wishes

Types of Elder Care Plans

Depending on the overall health and mobility of your elder family member, there are several financial options available to help pay for the types of care that may be needed over the course of years or decades. For example, certain government programs will help pay for a skilled nursing facility, but not in-home care. It’s invaluable to have an expert in elder law in your corner when deciding which type of care is the best option for your parent.

Home Care Plan

If you and your parent choose a home care plan, it’s essential to ensure that your parent receives the care they need. Skilled care recommendations are usually made by the primary or specialist care physician, which is a requirement for insurance and Medicare reimbursement. For additional services, it’s necessary to secure the services of a reputable home health agency or care provider to make sure everything is covered. The attorneys at Hammond and Associates will work with you to develop an individualized plan of care that meets the needs and wishes of your parent.

Long-Term Healthcare Plan

When the time comes that your parent(s) require some form of assisted or long-term care, you should discuss strategies before the need becomes urgent. If your elder family member is not averse to community living, he or she may be willing to consider a residence that provides levels of care from independent living to assisted living to skilled nursing. These retirement communities are designed to provide healthy seniors with all their future needs or allow those with progressively declining health to remain in a single location.

Elder Care in the Greater Maryland Area

Nobody can predict the future. Families should discuss elder care strategies with their loved ones long before the need becomes apparent. If you would like help in setting up a comprehensive elder care plan, give the experts at Hammond and Associates a call at 240-200-5222 or fill out a contact form on our website.