Medical Advance Directives in Germantown, Maryland

Though it’s not required to have an advance directive in place, it’s beneficial to start planning for unexpected situations before they occur. No one wants to find themselves in a medical situation where you can’t make decisions for yourself. But with an advance directive, you can have peace of mind. By planning ahead, you can get the medical care you want, avoid unnecessary suffering and relieve caregivers of decision-making burdens during moments of crisis or grief.

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What Is an Advance Directive?

An advance directive is a legal document for an adult of any age to better plan for future health care needs. It is the legal document you prepare after discussing, deciding, and putting into writing your choices for treatment, care, and appointing a health care decision maker for care in the event you are not able to make medical decisions for yourself.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to make medical decision for yourself in the moment, your doctor can look to your advance directive to find out what medical decisions you would like made. An example of this would be if you were in a coma—you’d be unable to voice your opinion on the matter, but with an advance directive in place, you get to decide what happens.

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What Happens If I Don’t File an Advance Directive in Germantown?

Did you know that if you don’t have an advance directive and find yourself in an unexpected medical situation, your next of kin will make health care decisions for you? However, having an advance directive in place will make things easier on your loved ones by preventing misunderstandings and disagreements about how you should be cared for.

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Elder Law Attorneys Assisting with Advance Directives in Germantown, Maryland

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